Schedule of Events

2024 Signature Events

Areas covered during the week: Health, Mental Health, Workforce Development, Financial Literacy, the Farm Bill.

Hispanic Access Foundation's Latino Advocacy Week Fly-In

  • Monday, May 20th - Day 1: Fly-In during daytime and have Dinner together.

  • Tuesday, May 21st - Day 2: All day National Latino Advocacy Summit and LAW Private Reception to end the day

  • Wednesday, May 22nd - Day 3: Farm Bill Briefing and Capitol Hill Meetings

  • Thursday, May 23rd - Day 4: Meetings at the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the White House

  • Weeks After: Virtual State/other congressional Meetings and STEM/Health Virtual Sessions

Who: Hispanic Access Foundation network members representing 11+ states and Puerto Rico, and 230 churches 
Seat at the Table & Center of the Conversation Goal – Provide our Latino communities from urban, rural, and suburban communities with the opportunity to engage face-to-face with program leaders from across the federal government to share their most pressing concerns and needs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2024 - National Latino Advocacy Summit

10:00am - 4:00pm EST

Location: Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 20230
Description: The Department of Commerce Office of Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships, in partnership with Hispanic Access, will host an in-person National Latino Advocacy Summit in Washington, D.C., aimed at empowering the Latino community and building the capacity and familiarity among Latinos to advocate for themselves, their families, and their community. Our objective is to celebrate important achievements in various Latino communities across America by addressing gaps in representation, knowledge, and access to key opportunities and to amplify Commerce and whole-of-government resources on business, workforce development, entrepreneurship, data and innovation, and climate resilience work.

The goal of the summit is to:

  • Seat at the Table & Center of the Conversation — Provide our Latino communities in urban, rural, and suburban areas with the opportunity to engage face-to-face with program leaders from across the federal government to share their community's most pressing concerns and needs.
  • Celebrate, Empower, & Include – The Latino Advocacy Summit aims to educate, connect, and celebrate opportunities for Latino communities nationwide. Together, Hispanic Access and Commerce bureaus, alongside federal agencies, will showcase various programs, resources, technical assistance, training, and more tailored for our communities.
  • Foster Impactful Partnerships – Provide tangible opportunities for Latino organizations to actively engage in important Administration initiatives in their communities, including policy implementation and program efforts that are top priorities for their communities, the Commerce Department, and across the federal government.

 Registration is currently open here. Once cap is reached, registration page will close. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - Farm Bill Briefing

9:00am - 10:00am EST

Location: House Committee on Agriculture hearing room, 1302 Longworth
Description: Coming soon.                                               

Remarks by: 

  • Rep. Andrea Salinas (D) 
  • Rep. David G. Valadao (R) 
  • Speakers: Hilda Berganza, Climate Manager
  • Pastor Sam Garza, Hispanic Leadership Network Alum
  • Ana Jimenez, Conservation Networks Manager

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - Congressional Meetings

  • Planning for 20+ Meetings covering: Financial Literacy, Workforce Development, Health, and Mental Health

Training for Network Members Includes – Advocacy videos, chats with congressional staffers, expert government affairs professionals, role-playing for the meetings we will have, and policy-specific discussions.


Latino Advocacy Week
is an initiative of Hispanic 
Access Foundation.

P: (202) 640-4342